Avoiding LIHTC Issues Series – The Initial, Middle and Final Project Years

Our three paper series for CFOs and controllers who are responsible for reviewing and/or signing tax returns and related forms covers key tax issues to be on the lookout for throughout the typical lifecycle of a LIHTC project.
Organized chronologically the papers assist in providing key topics encountered in the initial, middle and final years of a project, including:  
    • First tax return filed for a project partnership 
    • Tax return for the year the project is placed in service 
    • The tax return for the initial year of the tax credits
    • Completion of part II of form 8609
    • Monitoring loss allocations and capital account
    • Anticipating, avoiding, and addressing loss allocation issues
    • Transfer of partnership interest
    • Casualty losses
    • Final year of tax credits
    • The final compliance years
    • The year of investor exit
Also check out a webinar covering the initial years and one covering the middle and final years of a LITHC project.

Author: Chelsea Maupin

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