September Boot Camp in Oakland, CA

The next Strength Matters Boot Camp will be in Oakland, California, on September 28-29, 2017. 

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Strength Matters Boot Camp is designed to provide an overview of the accounting and financial reporting issues faced by a nonprofit housing enterprise. Accounting professionals working in this field require industry-specific information. The course also offers CPE credit. Examples of topics covered in this course:

  • The accounting differences unique to each entity type, such as limited partnerships.
  • Funding sources unique to the industry, such as HUD, Low Income Housing Tax Credits and other programs. Funding requests from these and commercial sources are examined both in lecture format and through case study.
  • Project surplus cash calculations and the loan and regulatory agreements to be considered.
  • Using materials published by Strength Matters, participants also focus on financial reporting issues that arise throughout the life cycle of an affordable housing property, from predevelopment through year-15 buyouts and beyond.
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    New Series – Discussion Issue 1: Grants to Nonprofit Sponsors for Real Estate Development

    Discussion Issue 1: Grants to Nonprofit Sponsors for Real Estate Development

    The Strength Matters Financial Professionals group presents the first paper in a new series. The paper discusses financial reporting issues around Grants to Nonprofit Sponsors for Real Estate Development. Separated into two subtopics:

  • Accounting for grants received by nonprofit sponsors on behalf of related party real estate development projects, and
  • Accounting for notes receivable by a nonprofit sponsor recorded when grant funds are loaned to a related party real estate development project.
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