FASB Updates and Internal Controls in the Virtual World

Stay on top of the FASB issues! This session discusses upcoming accounting changes and frequent technical matters. We will also dig into internal control considerations in the remote environment. Kenny Dennison, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, … Continue reading “FASB Updates and Internal Controls in the Virtual World”

Reporting to the Board – A Dashboard Perspective

This session will focus on effective reporting to the Board and how to engage the Board in effective communication to continuously improve reporting. Reporting will be discussed from both a lender’s perspective and a developer’s … Continue reading “Reporting to the Board – A Dashboard Perspective”

Successfully Navigating Accounting Software System Change

Upgrading to new accounting software/system – it’s always a struggle, but must be done. This session will discuss the process of selecting a new software, when do the benefits make the struggle worthwhile, and tactics … Continue reading “Successfully Navigating Accounting Software System Change”