Financial Strength 2006 to 2016 – Survey Data Paper

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As Strength Matters celebrates its ten year anniversary, we were interested in exploring how our members have grown. If their organizations were stronger financially, and how the information resources and programming offered by Strength Matters had supported their missions and the growth of their businesses. The intent of the survey was to take a first look at these questions with a limited sample size in the hope that it would inform future Strength Matters work.

The survey data reveals strong performance for our industry over the past ten years, despite the adverse impact of the recession. We know those years were full of challenges – but by every measure – unit growth, net asset growth, liquidity, profit margin and leverage ratios, our sample organizations have grown and financial ratios have improved. We see high margins, low leverage and good liquidity in the reporting group.

Author: Chelsea Maupin

Güd Marketing - Strength Matters Communications

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