Racial Equity as the Building Block for Our Future Organizations

Strength Matters is pleased to offer this excellent session from our recent 2020 Strength Matters Financial Management Conference.

Michael McAfee, CEO of PolicyLink and co-author of A CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity, provided this opening keynote on what we, as organizational leaders, can be doing within our organizations and our communities to build an enduring legacy of justice, inclusion, and fairness. Susan M. Ifill, COO of NeighborWorks America, moderated this discussion with Dr. McAfee.

Sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, the fight for racial justice, social equity, and finally addressing centuries of inaction seems to have finally taken hold. This time it feels different, with a broad majority of Americans led by the younger generations, pushing for change. How is this energy going to rebuild our industry and our organizations? What can we do as financial management leaders of our field to build stronger and more equitable organizations and a stronger more equitable industry?

Author: Chelsea Maupin

Güd Marketing - Strength Matters Communications

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