CECL Primer for Nonprofit Affordable Housing Webinar (1-10-24)

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The long-awaited Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) Standard for not-for-profit entities became effective for fiscal years beginning after Dec.15, 2022.

The most significant change from previous accounting guidance is from using the incurred loss model to the expected loss model. Under the new CECL model, an entity will recognize the estimated expected loss over the lifetime of the financial asset at the origination date and subsequently adjusted at the end of each reporting period.

This webinar covers: 

  • In-scope and out-of-scope financial assets 
  • Expected losses vs. incurred losses 
  • Criteria for estimating expected losses 
  • Methods of calculating expected losses 

This webinar was led by AAFCPAs

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Author: Chelsea Maupin

Güd Marketing - Strength Matters Communications

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