ERM Registration – 2024 Virtual Summer

Enterprise Risk Management:
Navigate Ever-Changing Uncertainties for Strategic Success

Growing uncertainties abound: Inflation, volatile political climates at state and federal levels, battles against crime, high interest rates, people migration, rising costs of labor, misinformation and disinformation, uncertain supply chains, shifts in capital markets, evolving expectations related to the environment, social changes and social media, artificial intelligence — and the list goes on. If ignored, these uncertainties can trigger a multitude of challenges that can derail strategic and operational goals and objectives for community developers and affordable housing organizations.

This four-part live virtual workshop series will outline tools and techniques that community development and affordable housing leaders can use to advance their risk thinking through a holistic, strategic and proactive approach to risk management. 

Each of the four workshops in the series will expose participants to a number of tools and techniques that they will apply in case study exercises done in small groups during the workshop, with additional opportunities to take those tools back to their organizations to deploy right after the end of each session. The sessions will also allow participants opportunities to share their insights and risk concerns with others in the workshop.

    • Workshop 1: Establishing a Strong Strategic Foundation for Risk Management
      Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 1-4PM Eastern (10AM-1PM Pacific)

      This session will highlight limits of common, traditional risk management. It will show how a broader, strategic approach to risk management can help organizations find big, unknown risks. This framework will help management teams focus on the importance of starting a risk discussion. Participants will gain tools and techniques to learn what is strategically important for their organization's short-term and long-term success.

    • Workshop 2: Using a Strategic Lens to Identify Risks to Your Organization’s “Crown Jewels” and Key Strategic Initiatives
      Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 1-3:30PM Eastern (10AM-12:30PM Pacific)

      Building upon the strategic foundation developed in Workshop 1, this next session will walk participants through a six-step process. This will guide consideration toward risks to the organization’s “crown jewels” and key strategic initiatives. Participants will apply tools related to this six-step framework in a case study example. They can use this tool to lead discussions with their management teams about emerging risks. This session will also highlight ways risk considerations can be embedded into an already-existing strategic plan or budget.

    • Workshop 3: Developing Strategic Responses to Top Risks
      Wednesday, September 18, 2024, 1-3:30PM Eastern (10AM-12:30PM Pacific)

      This session will transition from risk identification to risk preparedness. Organizations need to develop responses to lessen the impact should an unpreventable risk emerge. This workshop will introduce the Bow-Tie Risk Response Tool, which organizational managers use to frame thinking. Participants will apply the Bow-Tie Risk Response Tool to a case study example. They will also see how a one-page Risk Profile Template can help them communicate key risk insights to others on the leadership team. The session will emphasize the importance of considering both preventative responses and reactive responses.

    • Workshop 4: Fostering Ongoing Communications About Emerging Risk Issues
      Wednesday, October 30, 2024, 1-3PM Eastern (10AM-Noon Pacific)

      This last session will show the need to improve your organization's dashboard. We show how it can include key risk indicators (KRIs) to track risk shifts. Participants will build upon the Bow-Tie Risk Response Tool and learn to find KRI data that might be useful. The last part of the workshop will focus on ways to regularly engage management to discuss emerging issues. This will include the value of having a management-level risk committee. It also covers best practices for leading risk discussions with business leaders.

Space is limited for this virtual course. Detailed course information, including refund and cancellation policies, is available in this course description and CPE summary. 

All sessions will take place live on Zoom during listed hours. Please note, sessions will NOT be recorded for asynchronous viewing. 

Questions about CPEs? Email Lindsay at [email protected].

General course or registration questions? Email [email protected]


By the end of the four-part series, participants will be armed with knowledge and tools to identify and manage a multitude of risks strategically and proactively. This work will ultimately help participants' organizations fulfill their collective goal of making housing attainable and affordable.

CPE Credits Available: Up to 10.4
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge 
Level: Intermediate
Delivery Method: Group Internet
Prerequisite: Experience as a COO, CFO, risk manager, project manager, compliance officer or similar at an affordable housing organization.
Advanced Preparation: None prior to Workshop 1. Homework as assigned by instructors for Workshops 2-4.


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