Risk Management: Challenges in Property, Casualty, and Cyber Insurance

The insurance markets remain in turmoil. Beyond the havoc caused by the pandemic, the increase in cyber attacks and ransomware are adding significant additional risk. We will discuss the current challenges facing the property and casualty markets, as well as general liability issues, and what you can do to mitigate risk in the cyber world, especially now with so many employees working from home.

  • Brendan Dolan, HPIEx
  • Debbie McClanahan, IMA
  • Tracy Pride, IMA / HPIEx
  • Cherita Perry, NEF (Moderator)

Learning Objectives: Understand what is occurring in an insurance market that remains very unstable. Identify current issues in property and casualty insurance, and explore the growing focus and importance of cyber and ransomware insurance and associated risks.

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

Level: Intermediate

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