New Capital Opportunities in Today’s Federal Policy Environment

We have unprecedented allocations of federal funding (ARPA, Infrastructure, etc.), new types of corporate investment in housing and community development, a CDFI industry that has come of age and is no longer an esoteric financing vehicle. We also have overheated real estate markets throughout the country, a widening gap in homeownership by people of color, and increasing homelessness. How can we best take advantage of new capital opportunities to address racial inequities, build more affordable housing, and invest in our poorest communities? We have invited leaders from CDFIs, housing finance, and investors to share strategies and approaches reinvest in our work and to successfully access capital in today’s unique economic and polarized political environment.

  • Annie Donovan, COO, LISC
  • Stockton Williams, CEO, National Council of State Housing Agencies
  • Nick Mitchell-Bennett, Executive Director, cdcb- come dream, come build (Moderator)

Learning Objectives: Understand new public and private sources of capital and subsidies that have become available over the past year and how they may impact strategy and operation for nonprofit housing and community development organizations. Explore strategies for targeting deployment of new resources in a way that advances racial equity and other mission objectives.

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

Level: Intermediate

Author: Strength Matters

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