Leadership Transitions in a Time of Profound Change

While there have always been leadership changes, we are now in a moment of profound change in our industry – in many cases generational change. Founding and long-term CEOs in our industry have been departing at a rapid pace over the past couple of years, and many others are planning departures in the next two years. What is the impact on CFOs and other financial management leaders? How are they navigating and exerting leadership during these transitions? How are they adapting to new CEOs, new management styles and teams? Is it easier or harder for new CEOs that have been CFOs? Join us for an exploration of the dynamics of these leadership transitions led by a group of CFOs that have been at the center of this simultaneously treacherous and re-energizing time – certainly a moment and an opportunity to reimagine and rebalance leadership.

  • Jacki Robinson, Interim President/CFO, New Jersey Community Capital
  • Valorie Schwarzmann, CFO, Homeport
  • Sean Spear, President & CEO, Community HousingWorks
  • Sheila Maith, Maith Consulting, (Moderator)

Learning Objectives: Evaluate the extent to which an organization is prepared for transitions to come, and lead changes that may be needed to equip their organizations for future changes. Identify potential opportunities and possible pitfalls in the transition to a new CEO.

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Level: Intermediate

Author: Strength Matters

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