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    Julie Goldfine

    Good morning,

    I would appreciate any input regarding your organization’s budget allocation for Board of Directors related activities.  We are a membership based organization so we have costs related to supporting the members as well as expenses related to our Board of Directors.  In 2019, we allocated $70K  ($45K for the board and $25K for our annual member meeting) of our $3.8M operating budget to board and member activities. We currently have 13 board members (7 who are current or former residents) and 3600 members/residents who live in 1100 households.

    We have asked our board to reduce their budget in 2020 and our board requested comparable data from other organizations.

    If you feel comfortable, can you please share your total budget, budget for the board and number of board members.

    Thank you!
    Julie Goldfine

    Mutual Housing California

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