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  • What’s a nonprofit affordable housing provider to do in the battle to attract executive talent?

    By Alan Greenwald

    The real estate recovery is making it increasingly difficult for nonprofit housing developers to attract new employees. New hiring and retention strategies are needed. The pressure on the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) function is particularly acute.

    The Great Recession resulted in an increased demand for affordable housing, as those losing jobs and losing income found it increasingly difficult to afford suitable housing. Sources of capital for the production and rehabilitation of affordable housing were severely curtailed.

    In addition to supervising traditional accounting functions, CFOs are frequently now the “Chief Financial Strategist,” exploring ways to bring badly needed capital to the business. Such “twofer” professionals are rare, and for-profit developers also seek them.

    What is the recruiting “sell” to the right CFO candidates?

    Who/where are the best candidates?

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